You’re here because you’re sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired.

If you’re ready for change, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m all about helping you build the life of your dreams (and having fun whilst your doing it) without feeling guilty.

You feel like you’re experiencing Mummy Burnout, and that your whole life is focused and dedicated to others.  You feel unappreciated and unfufilled and life feels like it’s ‘on hold’ until…..(fill in the blank).

The constant daily grind is starting to affect more than one area of your life, and you know you need to change to improve one or more of the following: –

  • Your mood
  • Your weight
  • Your health
  • Your energy
  • Your appearance
  • Your relationships
  • Your sex life
  • Your passion for life
  • Your financial status
  • Your parenting ability

You’re here because you feel a bit lost (or a lot lost) in your life.  Possibly since you became a mum.

You may feel:

  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where or how to start
  • Like you’ve got in to too many bad habits, but can’t stop yourself
  • Like you have no time (but even when you do have time, you faff about and achieve nothing!)
  • Like you want to be invisible (because you are ashamed of yourself)…
  • But actually you wish you had the confidence to be seen again…!
  • Lost and without direction (and annoyed with yourself for that)
  • Frustrated, low or down because you can’t seem to stick to any diet or positive changes
  • Like you have no time or space to think about yourself , but know you need to
  • Like you want to change but are too tired and drained.
  • Have no idea what you actually want from your life anymore
  • You feel guilty for doing anything for yourself as it’s too indulgent, and…
  • That nobody understands you, and you are the only one like this.

The vision of The Confident Mum Project is to unleash authentic, unique, real women who raise authentic kids who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Women who don’t attract attention, pity and energy from others by being a victim or because they have a problem they can’t fix.  The Confident Mum Project unleashes women who motivate, inspire and help those around them, just by allowing their true selves to shine.

We live in a world where there are too many “I should be…”, “I must do…” and “If I’m not……then I’m a failure.”  In the modern world of social media where we are already comparing ourselves more than ever before, we need to find our way back to what truly matters.

A life of passion.  A life of authenticity.  A life filled with wonderful experiences.

The truth is, you can be an amazing mum AND be good to yourself.

You can love your kids to the moon and back AND fill yourself up with things you love.

The truth is, if you work harder on YOURSELF than any other thing in your life; if you stop battling with everyone and everything and just LET GO, your life will transform for the better.  Is there really any better role model, example or inspiration for your children?

Magic Makeover Month / £547

30 day program

A transformational coaching program for women who want big changes in 30 days.  Perfect for women who are feeling a bit lost, low, overwhelmed or unfulfilled.  You know you need and want to change, but don’t know where to start….click here to find out more.

The Confident Mum Project provides personalised Transformation Coaching, Results Coaching and Life Coaching, in the North West region, mainly Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire and North Wales.