Best Year Ever Club (Monthly Membership)


Is this the year where you know you MUST change your life and have your best year ever?  We’re talking Bucket List ticks and lots of amazing memories.

You know, finally let go of the mental or physical baggage that you feel is holding you back from living your life and actually getting on with, well, living it to the max?!

  • Doing more exciting and memorable things this year.
  • Getting better results with your body? Nail this once and for all.
  • Boost confidence surrounding your appearance and self-esteem?
  • Empowering yourself to get out there again
  • Igniting more passion in to your life?
  • Finding a career you love?
  • Filling your year with fun adventures?
  • Using your creative and nurturing talents to inspire and motivate others?
  • Getting in a more secure and stable financial position?
  • Perhaps getting more enriching results from your relationships?


Will 2020 be your Best Year Ever?

£37 per month

People often overestimate what they can do in a month, but UNDERestimate what they can achieve in a year.

Most people start off in January with some resolutions.  Resolutions in the main, don’t work.

According to researchers about 60 percent of us admit that we make resolutions in January but only about 8 percent of us are successful in achieving them.

Furthermore, apparently around 80 percent fail to keep up the resolution by February

So how can you guarantee yourself every chance for the time of your life in 2020?

Small actions, consistently.

So if it’s that easy why haven’t you done it already?

This year long program is a commitment.  A commitment to your own future self, and her happiness.

I came up with the idea, whilst planning what I could do to celebrate my 40th birthday on this wonderful planet. I’m all about getting REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT THE BUSINESS OF LIVING. How would you like to get serious and commit to a project that is ALL ABOUT YOUR OWN HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT alongside me?

Sounds exciting right?

Here’s How Best Year Ever Club Works

The program will kick off on Monday 6th January and will go all the way through to 18th December 2020.

During these 12 months you will be guided through a process, strategies, techniques and exercises to keep making progress on the goals that are really important to you and things that will change how you feel about your life.

Each month we will focus on a main topic that will help you to either overcome obstacles and barriers within yourself, set goals, get inspired and most importantly…TAKE ACTION on it all!

  • Reignite the passion in your life again.
  • Take massive action every month and move your life forward in unimaginable ways
  • Be inspired within a group of women all trying to improve their lives with a positive can-do. Take action mindset!
  • Inspire others with your own commitments, goals, ideas and stories on the private Facebook Page.
  • Create an inspiring vision and strategy for 2020 that gets you excited!
  • Set goals and markers for yourself
  • Understand ways to regularly evaluate how you are performing.
  • Be guided through setting and attaining goals each month in 2020
  • Maintain momentum
  • Get access to social events to meet up with other like-minded women and make more inspiring and meaningful connections that impact positively on your life.


4 x 1 hour Personal 121 Coaching Sessions

You can use these at any point within the 12 month period (diary dependent) and can be via phone or skype.


Access to an intimate and private members only PowerGroup Facebook Page.

These are the people on the same journey as you, where we will all experience the ups and downs of the journey together.  Get new material each week, share your story, support fellow members with ideas and suggestions and get inspired.

Monthly Material

Each month we will focus on a topic.  You will receive your assignment by email on the first Monday of every month which should take no longer than 1 hour.

You are then sometimes encouraged to share your assignment on the PowerGroup with other members to create accountability for yourself.

Personal Access

Personal access to me every week from Monday – Friday between 9 – 5 via email with any questions or challenges.  I aim to come back to all emails within 24 hours with advice, help and support.

Access to special discounts from partners in the area of beauty, skincare, fitness, health, hormones, nutrition, fashion and much more.

The problem with most approaches to goal setting and resolutions is that they are short term.  They often focus on quick fix solutions that don’t last and many focus on just one area of your life… for example weight loss, reducing drinking, making more money, fulfilling career.

The material in this program helps you to make an impact on ALL the areas in your life that need improvement for longer that just 30 or 60 days so that you can gain real momentum and traction over your life.

This program takes in to account all your various role in life, wife, partner, mum, daughter, sister, friend, employee / er, advocate, artist, volunteer, creator, motivator, champion of others to anem a few.  Then it combines those roles with your values, talents, strengths and passions to bring all the important parts of your life together and the resources at your disposal to make things happen.

Sign up today here where you have the option to pay in full at a discounted rate at £397 or opt for 12 monthly direct debit at just £37 per month which will be taken from your account the first Monday of every month.

The program will kick off on Monday 6th January and will go all the way through to 18th December 2020.

Alternatively submit an enquiry below for a FREE discovery session phone call.



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