Blast Off Session

Get Un-lost. Find Clarity. Revive Your Inner Spark.

  • Feeling frumpy, insignificant, low in energy and drained?
  • Lacking in motivation, forgetful, tired and feeling very ‘blah’?
  • Do you have the overwhelming sense that you need to de-clutter your life? 
  • A sense that you need more challenges, fun and fulfilment in your day to day existence? 
  • Perhaps you are even feeling unappreciated and insignificant and that you spend too much time with people who suck the energy from you?
  • And…guilty for feeling all or any of the above because you know that you have a lot to be grateful for?!

You’re uncertain about what your future is going to look like.

But you do know 1 thing.

Your future can’t look like this … as you are now.

Something has to change.

Physically you’re maybe a bit overweight or feeling unhealthy and this then leads you to…

Eat and drink, in order to escape those yukky feelings, if only for a moment.  This then leads you to …

Feelings of shame and embarrassment, so you…

Dress all in uninspiring black, baggy clothes so that hopefully nobody will notice you… you can be invisible… except that…

You don’t actually WANT to feel invisible. Deep down you want to be noticed! You want to be that put together, effortless, confident woman who SHOWS UP for whatever she’s doing. Whether it’s at the school gates, at the park with your kids or in your career.

You want to show up and look bloomin’ good doing it.  But comfortable of course.  The days of teetering and trotting about on heels and posh handbags have passed.  You need a more realistic and practical wardrobe, that is effortless in every sense….but damn you feel good in it….

People Start to Notice the Positive Change in You

‘You look different!  You look nice!  Have you changed your hair?  Have you lost weight?  Don’t you look lovely today?’

You get that spring back in your step.  You find yourself smiling and saying hello to strangers because you’re head is no longer down looking at the floor.  It’s up, held high and proud.

You feel more energy and vitality every day.  You FEEL LIKE going for a run.  You do.  It feels incredible.  You do a bit more exercise.  That feels great.

You eat a healthful, nutritious breakfast.  That feels brilliant too.  You’re no longer missing chocolate or booze.  You don’t want it anymore. 

By the end of the week you’re clothes are feeling loose and comfortable.  Your stomach feels a bit flatter.

You now WANT to be seen, and are ready to embrace life again. You want to build on this momentum now you have a taste for how good it feels. It’s been a while.

The happiness starts to spread.

Your partner loves the new found confidence, and your sex life picks up again. Today you wore a dress during the day for the first time in years and felt absolutely incredible in it. The compliments were streaming in!

Your kids are calmer, happier and more helpful as mum seems lighter, brighter and happier.  You WANT to help them with homework, play with them and take them out all the time now and enjoy every moment when you do. You feel genuinely happy.

You find yourself smiling for no reason.

You get back on the social scene with your friends and begin to make plans that you can’t wait for!

You re-evaluate your career, job or day to day exsitenece and make plans to change things in a way that will make you happier.

You start to pursue passions again and have a renewed sense of purpose.

Your Best Self Project

You begin to redefine yourself in terms of who you want to be – your best ever self, but you are oddly living that version of yourself RIGHT NOW, doing what you can, with what you have.

The results in terms of how you feel are INSTANT.

Whilst you want happiness for everyone around you, you now realise the important of your happiness.  In fact, you realise it’s essential.

Your banter and chat picks up, and you start to make more real connections with people in the real world.

Instead of just liking things on Facebook in an effort to keep in touch with people, and posting pictures on Instagram hoping to connect with others, you’re out there living your life and feeling filled up by it.  You don’t have the time or inclination to scroll through social media anymore, and when and if you do, you feel INSPIRED.  Not envious, jealous or tired.

You’re not doing things now to impress anyone.  You’re following your own bliss. 

You find yourself inspiring others.  People notice you for all the right reasons, and tell you that you have motivated them to take action in their own lives. You get a funny feeling in your stomach that has been missing for a while – pride.

You’re no longer the person who gets attention, sympathy or pity because they always have problems.  You’re the person who inspires others to take action and change their life.

You’re the inspirational story now!  YOU are the before and after picture that people go crazy over. YOU are the one inspiring others who want to change their life.

The First Step. Decide.

I have been where you are.  Down, depressed and drained. Feeling hopeless, lost and overwhelmed all at the same time.  Feeling not good enough and lacking belief in myself.  Not knowing where my confidence had gone. 

You see, motherhood, or any major life change like the death of someone close, trauma, major illness, divorce, losing a job, changing career only to find you don’t like it can do that to a girl.

But there is a way to get back to YOU.  To find that spark again.

To re-energise, redisocver, redefine and reinvent.

It all starts here, you need to decide. Am I ready to change my life? Is now the time? If the answer is a definite, decisive YES, then I’m ready to help you launch your life.

Blast Off Session.

I know you’re impatient.

You want to transform every element of your life right now, for ever.

To never feel this kind of way again. It’s all there waiting for you, but you need to start with a single step to find that spark again.

The Blast Off Session you have with me is going to help you find that spark, and fan it until we get that fire burning again.

Who is it for?

This is a session for women who want to want to change their life and want it now. No hesitation. You’re ready to take action and change your life.

This is a coaching session for women who want to figure how to start, what to do and start to get that feeling back – the butterflies in the tummy, the surge of energy, the motivation – to take those necessary steps to do what needs to be done to get to create their best ever self.

This is a coaching session to help you achieve a more positive, productive and practical mindset in a really short space of time so that you can finally GET MOVING in the right direction again. It’s going to help you launch your very own Best Self Project.

You’ll get clarity on what to do, and pinpoint priorities that will make a positive impact in your life, quickly.

This is NOT a therapy session.   This is NOT a place to come and discuss your woes.

Get Moving in the Right Direction

  • Find your inner spark again.
  • Get a glimpse of that mojo again, and feel excited by the possibility of who you know you can be!
  • Feel motivated, alive, hopeful and determined again!
  • Get out of your funk, and gain some clarity
  • Establish priorities and an action plan for immediate change
  • Get in a more productive, positive and practical mindset quickly

Desperate to Get started?

  1. Book a call appointment time to suit you below on the calendar.
  2. Click on ‘Buy Now’
  3. Complete The Best Self Project ‘Blast Off’ questionnaire.
  4. Return the questionnaire as per the instructions.
  5. Get really excited…because you’ve just taken the first step towards your best ever self, and your most fulfilling, happy life.
  • Get unstuck today!
  • Create change and impact in your daily life quickly
  • Find your inner spark again
  • Get back in the driver’s seat of your life
  • Get a glimpse of that mojo again, and feel excited by the possibility of who you know you can be!
  • Feel motivated, alive, hopeful and determined again!
  • Get out of your funk, and gain some clarity
  • Establish priorities and an action plan for immediate change
  • Get in a more productive, positive and practical mindset quickly

Where are they available

Appointments can be conducted via phone or Zoom depending on the situation and whether that method of consultation works for you.

Areas I cover for face to face personal life coaching include Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Merseyside including Wilmslow, Hale, Altrincham, Alderley Edge, Warrington, Stockton Heath, Lymm, Runcorn, Chester, Formby, Wirral.