Fat Loss Vs Pounds on the Scale

Fat loss Vs Weight loss.

Women tend to emotionally struggle with WEIGHT. Because we measure our success in WEIGHT on the scales. Guys tend to look in the mirror!

When we think of programs like Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Juice Diets, Bootcamps etc most programs tend to focus on lb on the scale. As a society we focus on lb on the scale! This is not however how we should be measuring our real success, and the more we focus on weight loss on it’s own without accounting for other things (mood, sleep, inches, fitness, health, happiness, fat loss, how we feel in our clothes, confidence, ability).

The truth is we are women. One day we weigh less, the next we way more – simply because of one thing that men don’t have to deal with. HORMONES.

HORMONES lead to water weight. Water weight leads to daily fluctuations and completely inaccurate results on the scale.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water

Don’t forget as well that muscles weighs more than fat, so if you are training, it’s possible to feel better in your clothes but actually weigh a bit more!

The scales lead to women feeling like they have ‘failed’ and this then leads to comfort eating because they ‘might as well, as nothing is working’.

Using scales every 90 days is a great idea and gives a more accurate reflection of where you are heading. But weekly weigh ins and even monthly ones can be detrimental to your motivation and self image.

So at BE. we measure a myriad of successes that you will achieve aside from how many lb you have dropped.

Because the more things you measure in terms of success, the more motivated you’ll stay, and the better results you’ll get, for longer.