Comfort Eating

Are you guilty of comfort eating? Want to know WHY you do it? Especially if you’ve had a rough day?

Will power.

People think that will power is this endless source of strength that some people have in bucket loads and some have none of.

The truth is will power is like any muscle. You have to work to build it and feed it well, BUT it also has finite energy and can become tired and fatigued and when this happens, your will power RUNS OUT!

Will Power is Finite

That’s right. Will power is finite. It runs out. And it can run out by doing things completely unrelated to the goal you have set yourself.

For example, you have promised yourself you are going to drop a dress size. You will work out at 6am 5 days a week, and eat clean for the next 2 months.

So you get up and do the work out (this uses will power), but also gives booster points back to your will power.. Then you get your kids up and make them breakfast. They are fighting. You are trying to keep calm (this uses up more will power). You miss your train. You now need to think of another way to get to work on time (more will power used). See where I am going with this?

By the time you get home it’s all been used up, and the healthy tea you had planned on enjoying, goes out the window and in comes a McDonalds because you ‘deserve’ it after the day you have had.

Only problem is… after eating it, you hate yourself. You lost control. You’ve sabotaged your results for the week.

This is a very different feeling that planning a meal out with your partner or best friend that you look forward to where you can eat whatever you want and enjoy every delicious mouthful. This is called LIVING, and here at BE. we highly recommend it. It’s empowering.

Comfort eating on the other hand feels very different. It makes you feel powerLESS to change you life. It makes you feel like you have to ‘start again’ because you’ve ‘ruined’ your idea of what absolutely has to be adhered to in order to make you happy. So before you ‘start again’ you might as well enjoy yourself for the rest of the week and eat what you want because it’s all ‘ruined’ anyway.

This is the problem with diets, detoxes and doing anything that feels like a lot of effort, when deep inside you really can’t wait for it to be over. It’s the first thing to get ditched when you’ve had a bad day.

But there’s a solution!

But there is a solution. It relates to the six human needs you have – that everyone has – and how to utilise these in order to get what you want!

With ALL of our weight loss, fat loss, personal training programs we look at this if it is a problem, and help you to proactively find solutions to your comfort eating habits AHEAD of the crappy day that WILL happen at some point in the future.

Because life can’t be easy, happy and perfect every day. You know that for sure, and you can’t control everything that happens around you. But you absolutely CAN control how you choose to respond.

What’s Your Comfort Eating Pattern?

What’s your comfort eating pattern? In this busy, stress filled day and age, most women admit to having an issue with comfort eating at some point in their life.

Do you reward yourself for a week well done on a Friday night with a bottle of wine and a pizza?

Or is food what you turn to when you need comfort and connection with yourself after the world has beat you up a little?

Comfort eating is a roller-coaster and the no. 1 challenge that women face when it comes to achieving long lasting results with weight loss? You spend all that time working out only to go and ruin it with a binge at the weekend.

Understanding what drives and motivates you, and what zaps your energy is FUNDAMENTAL to achieving results in any area life – especially weight loss.

Changing Emotional Eating Patterns

So how do we change our emotional eating habits for good? I’m going to show you how.

  • Learn the reasons why you personally turn to comfort eating in times of joy or stress.
  • Understand how your emotions drive you to destructive behaviour even when they go against everything you want to achieve!
  • Get the strategies to break through those negative patterns of eating once and for all
  • Get tools to curb those urges when they hit