The Best Self Project – Life Coach & Strategist

Nicola Fulstow is a specialist Life Coach for women in Cheshire who KNOW they need more from their life, but just don’t quite know how and where to start.

If you are ready to tap in to your inner power and potential, then Nicola is an expert in getting the results you want quickly. Whether that’s weight loss and health, confidence with appearance, better relationships, building a business or career you’re passionate about or all of the above.

You’re possibly being held back right now.  Held back by time, existing family or work commitments or perhaps feelings of guilt or fear of what others may think of you.  Maybe you don’t know what’s holding you back.  You just know you are not living the life you thought you would be.  And it sucks. You may have tried life coaching before and found it a bit slow or not very practical. This journey will not be like that.

Perhaps you feel “ok”.  You’re “fine”.  But actually you don’t want to feel just “ok”.  People around you may not notice or understand why you are suffering so much – after all, you have so much to be grateful for right?  You really know that.  But still, this overwhelming feeling remains.  The feeling that maybe, just maybe, there’s more to life than this.  And then you feel guilty for even thinking that way.

Personal development strategies and life coaching from The Best Self Project can guarantee one thing… results. Fast, meaningful results, that snowball in to long lasting changes.

In fact, my clients feel dramatically different about how they look, have more confidence, increased energy and rediscover that all important mojo.

Womens Life Coach in Cheshire

Kind Words…

” I was unhappy with practically every aspect of my life, knew I needed to make changes but didn’t have a clue where to start! I was existing, not living….

It is absolutely unbelievable how different I feel in just one month!! ….One of THE best decisions I have ever made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nic” 

Karen Pike