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Are you a mum feeling overwhelmed, lost, depressed, resentful, frustrated with yourself, or a bit of all of the above?

Do you go to bed feeling drained, and wake up feeling flat? Struggling to feel positive emotions day to day?

Since March 2020 when the world changed, more and more people are feeling disconnected, lost, overwhelmed, stressed, fearful, frustrated and angry. And more than anything else, people are lacking in optimism, hope and a positive, exciting vision for the future for themselves and their children. I’m here to help you get your mojo back despite what’s happening in the world. Because it’s survive or thrive. I know which I choose!

The Best Self Project helps women move away from overwhelm and depression and towards a life that makes them feel happy, joyful, fulfilled, confident, passionate, energised and alive again! Now more than ever there may be barriers in your way, but barriers can always be overcome if you decide that they MUST be overcome.

Who is behind The Best Self Project?

Nicola Fulstow once owned a successful Personal Styling company where she transformed hundreds of women’s lives by helping them discover what was missing and why they felt lost; not only in their wardrobes, but in their life.

In 2016 Nicola found herself suffering from depression as a frumpy and tired 40lb overweight mum, with 2 under 2, one of whom had autism. Nicola was overwhelmed and drained, yet simultaneously flat and empty. She knew life needed to change. And so she decided change would start with her.

5 years later, now, a fulfilled mother of 2 happy, healthy young girls, Nicola has grown yet another successful business serving the North West’s celebrities and affluent residents, transformed her marriage, qualified as a Level 3 Fitness Personal Trainer and then as a Strategic Life Coach with the amazing Tony Robbins and Cloe Maddanes as her tutors. Nicola now dedicates her time working closely with women who want to transform their life … for good.

Kind Words…

” I was unhappy with practically every aspect of my life, knew I needed to make changes but didn’t have a clue where to start! I was existing, not living….

It is absolutely unbelievable how different I feel in just one month!! ….One of THE best decisions I have ever made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nic” 

Karen Pike

Direction & Strategy

We’ll look at everything making you feel rubbish, and break it down bit by bit

Action & Accountability

You’ll be taking action DAILY, reviewing WEEKLY and progressing MONTHLY

Instant & Long Lasting Results

You’ll notice significant changes instantly, whilst creating bigger life transformations

About Nicola Fulstow

Nicola Fulstow is a qualified Strategic Life Coach with the Robbins-Madanes Institute and a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer, and experienced Personal Stylist.

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