Thrive in Times of Challenge

I’m Nicola. I like to read and write. It really is that simple. So here is my blog.

Any problem I ever faced in my life, I solved it by writing and writing, until I felt better.  That’s how I started blogging – although journals still fill my house!  Drawers are filled with journals, ideas, thoughts, philosophies, memories. They’re everywhere.

At any one time you’ll find me reading at least 3 books at any one time. I like to know WHY when it comes to human behaviour and success. I’m determined to find answers. It’s just who I am.

It’s how I approached my own illnesses, conditions and ailments, and those of my children. From IBS to being deaf in one ear with glue ear, to hormonal imbalance and weight gain to one of my children being diagnosed with autism, and one having chronic eczema. It’s how I’ve approached my business and my staff. From how we connect with clients, to how to develop my team members and put effective processes and systems in place. It’s how I approach our finances and security.

It’s just who I am. I analyse problems, turn them in to challenges, and find practical solutions. So right now, I guess we all got a pretty big problem, which is why I’ve re-written my homepage to something more appropriate!

Embracing Who I Was.

I don’t remember being any other way really. But until these last few years of my life, I always felt a bit ‘wrong’. I felt the urge to people please and do what other people expected of me instead of just embracing who I was and cracking on. I felt the urge to fit in. I always felt a little… trapped in my head.

But my curiosity and urge to grow continued. As this curiosity grew, and so did my family, and autism was introduced to our lives when our eldest was born, I found myself realising that I was born to be my daughters’ mother.

My curiosity and incessant wonderings made me a good detective when it came to why my daughter acted out, and my inner researcher and strategist helped me to develop therapies and routines that have been life changing for all of us. All of this happening at a time when I felt completely uncertain and fearful about what our future would look like together, and how fulfilling her life would be as an individual.

Experts told us she would not speak, might be in a nappy for the rest of her life, have trouble ever holding a pen or spoon, and certainly wouldn’t be able to build meaningful relationships with anyone – including us. A bleak future was painted for us.

Luckily as well as being scared, I was also angry, and fundamentally believed that nobody would limit my kids (or me) in any way – not one moment longer. I was furious at how their expectations were so low and so depressing. There was one thing I could control and make better in all of this. Myself.

So I did.

Growth Feels Good

I’m a mum of two, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a small business owner of a technology business employing 8 staff, and my passion is working as Strategic and Results Coach when people reach out for help. This is my true purpose – helping others reach their true potential.

The coaching started back in 2007 when I started as a Personal Stylist and Confidence Coach – a business I ran for 7 years until I became a mum. I then took a break from my career to care for my children, and become the best mother I could be to two very different little girls.

In the last 4 years I have become knowledgable in autism, brain development for kids with developmental delay under 5 years old; early years interventions for autism, and nutrition for optimal brain and body health. I’m not an expert recognised by anyone, but put me in a room with one and I’ll hold my own – lol!

I also completed my training with the world class authority on human behaviour and personal development – the one and only Anthony Robbins as one of my tutors- in order to learn from the best. I am now a certified Strategic Intervention Coach and Life Coach from the Robbins-Madanes Institute and I’m doing my best during these times to contribute where I can.

I am also a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer just for the hell of it, as I love to exercise but this isn’t my forte or a career – it just made me feel bad-ass to learn something new (and difficult!) during a time of challenge 🙂

Whilst I don’t have the answers right now in such times of uncertainty, I do have words. Words for me are comfort. I hope they will be for you too.

I find in times of challenge you can do one of two things. SHRINK or EXPAND.

For those who want to do the latter, I am with you. Lets expand together.

Kind Words…

” I was unhappy with practically every aspect of my life, knew I needed to make changes but didn’t have a clue where to start! I was existing, not living….

It is absolutely unbelievable how different I feel in just one month!! ….One of THE best decisions I have ever made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nic” 

Karen Pike

Re-Energise. Re-Define. Re-Invent.

Now is the time. Whether you feel it or not, you ARE in control.

You have choices.

Eat for nutrition and health or drink and eat yourself in a way that damages your body (whilst ironically trying to protect yourself against infection)

Focus on what you can control (not what you can’t)

Choose love over fear

Choose to be your best self INSPITE of the circumstance, rather than just being your best when it feels easy

Choose deep connection and community, over shallowness and selfishness

Spend time WISELY on things that expand you and fill you up

Cut the things out your day that are making you feel bad

Re-evaluate your life and make a plan that gets you inspired, motivated and excited to live your best life, when the world gets healthy again.

Build your positive and constructive energy or do nothing

Test yourself. Rise to the challenge. See what you can achieve.